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"Gorizont" Colorado Based Russian-American Publication is not only the oldest, but also the largest Russian media source in Colorado. Without a doubt "Gorizont" is the most popular, powerful, influential and technically advanced source of information in Russian for the entire Central Region. "Gorizont" Colorado Russian newspaper is clearly dominant in the space covering over three quarters of the Russian business advertising market in the state. The major part of business profit goes to support of community events, cultural festivals, education centers, sports games and competitions, concerts, social events and more. “Gorizont” is a very modern type of media that, in addition to high quality paper print of old fashion, applies all benefits of smart phone apps technology, blogging and other instruments of on-line communication. “Gorizont” has very strong representation in Social networks. It also serves as a Community hub. Come to “Gorizont” with your business and advertising needs and become a member of a large family of successful Russian businesses in Colorado.



First Russian Newspaper in Colorado, "Gorizont” (“Horizon” in Russian), the newspaper that addresses all of the advertising and information needs of over 70,000 Russian-speaking community members in our state. "Gorizont" has been presenting the Russian-speaking community of Denver with news, information, reports, recommendations, and advertisement since 1995.



The main purpose of "Gorizont" is to inform and educate the Russian community about the American lifestyle in general, as well as to notify our readers about new businesses, stores, services, and other possibilities that could be available to them. Although many of our readers no longer struggle with English, our Russian publication still makes it easier for them to access major news, listings of community events, and other important information such as locating doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, mechanics, repair shops, dealerships, stores, shopping and entertainment. Our cultural group is often unable to obtain such vital information elsewhere.



As Denver and the entire state of Colorado grows, the Russian community in Denver expands as well. Russians from major cities across the United States are still moving to Denver to raise their families. Increasing numbers of Russian professionals and their relatives are coming from Russia and former Soviet Republics to live in Colorado. They are all our readers. They learn about US from our outstanding INTERNET ISSUE of "Gorizont" at



Publication: Weekly (4 times a month), Fridays



Format: Newsprint, full color and b&w 128 pages (17” x 10.5”)



Readership: Metro Denver 70,000+ & World wide Internet traffic



Distribution: see the map All Russian businesses including Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Corporate Offices, Doctor's Offices, Hair Salons, Libraries, Apartment Complexes, Senior Citizen Complexes and Adult Day Cares, Waiting Rooms, Car Dealerships, Travel Agencies, Russian Art Galleries, Colleges, Schools and Universities teaching ESL programs – total over hundred locations.



Read Gorizont Online at:



Areas of Distribution: South East Denver, Glendale, Aurora, Arvada, Thornton, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge.


Demographics: Our readership consists of approximately 42% men and 58% women, and as common in Russian and East European Jewish community, they are generally very well educated professionals, typically own their own home, report an average household income of $95,000+



Content: Our newspaper features editorials and analytical articles on various subjects, including current events, economy, employment, worldwide and local news including news from USA, Russia, Israel, and Eastern Europe, interviews with politicians and celebrities, interviews with members of our community, recreational pages, “What to Do in Denver”, “Colorado News with a Smile”, complete TV-guide (13 Russian TV channels), movie and play reviews, poetries and short stories by local authors, real estate news, crosswords, horoscopes, ongoing literature contests, photo beauty tournaments, and much more. We work directly with major Russian newspapers, TV and news agencies that provide us with exclusive articles and information. We also publish advertising (both display ad and classified) representing over 85% of the whole Russian Business market in Colorado. In "Gorizont" we also feature articles on the businesses we advertise. These articles provide the Russian community with important facts and explicit information concerning the advertiser's business. Each article is accompanied by a print advertisement. The articles, as well as the advertisement, can be written by the individual advertiser or, upon the request of the advertiser, by a staff writer or reporter of "Gorizont", all of whom are well known in the Russian community.


"Gorizont" is the best way to introduce your business to the larger Russian-speaking community of Colorado.



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•"Russian Denver" Cover Page placement

•"Gorizont" Business Telephone Directory

• Facebook placement placement

• iPhone and Android Apps placement

• e-mail list distribution

• Column in Colorado News section (including placement on Facebook + Russian Denver Wordpress blog + e-mail list distribution + Gorizont News App for Smartphones)

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